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    Ibis Styles Budapest Airport Hotel, Ferihegy

    Architect: László Szerdahelyi
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    After waiting for it for a decade, the airport in Ferihegy at last was given a hotel. It was not built in the city, or but at the junction by Határ Road, but on the site, near the mass of the airport to which it is connected with a slender and graceful roofed corridor stretching smoothly over the car park created in between the two structures. Reaching far beyond practicality, the hotel created forms that have the potential to transform this transitory zone into a genuine site. Defined by round-off corners, the pebble-like mass is continued in a facade with bands of refined dynamism, a light-weight canopy and a corridor for pedestrians. The axis starts from the corner of the hotel structure, and this is where the entrance is positioned. It does not ambition to appear as an urban building, and there is no other structure to adapt it to. The majority of visitors tend to spend only one night here. People leaving early at dawn, the staff members of airlines and perhaps businessmen staying here for a short meeting and thus spend here the short transitory time between two „genuine” destinations. What has been realized here in Ferihegy proves it is a transitory space which, beyond its functionality, may be even liked besides offering accommodation for a single night. Witty solutions of interior architecture and design coupled with a modest and rational architecture have created genuinely high standards here.

    Leading architect: László Szerdahelyi – Aspectus Architect
    Fellow architects: Ákos Csécsei, Júlia Szendrői, Tibor Gáspár, Dóra Bali, Réka Zsólyomi, Balázs Karcagi
    Structure: Richárd Reisch (FRT Raszter), Viktória Mile
    Framework: Levente Mihucz (MI.V. Mérnökiroda Kft.), Gábor Eőry
    Front panels: Sándor Styaszny (Konkret Terv Kft.)
    HVAC: János Szira (Légmester Kft.), Ákos Kósa
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Üveges (Artrea Consulting Kft.), Kornél Mátyus
    Interiors: Miklós Ring (IDM Group Kft.), Zsuzska Füzy , Tímea Kincses
    Garden: István Steffler (Archikert Bt.), Katalin Herczeghné Csillag
    Kitchen technology: Zoltán Fellegi (Multi Konyha Kft.), Piroska Kaszab
    Environment protection: Szilvia Magóné Szőke (Viva Natura)
    Main contractor: Market Építő Zrt.