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    Monastery Hotel, Budapest

    Architect: Tamás Németh
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Márk Korecz, Attila Boldog © Monastery Hotel

    Near the bank of the River Danube in Buda, two wings of the monastery of the Capuchin monks have been revived in the shape of a modest and yet atmospheric boutique hotel. On the exterior facade it is only the sign of the frameless glass door and its golden logo that refer to the fact that the building does not have ecclesiastic functions. Instead of the former main entrance defining the middle of the symmetrical street front another one was opened south of the previous one. Inside, the reception and the bar have been united in one space, which is now the only communal point of larger dimensions in the hotel: the place of arrivals and departures. The breakfast zone was moved into the courtile in a modest glass cube of simple tracery, the neutral appearance of which highlights the historic character of the original courtyard facades and, with delicate means of garden architecture it also preserves the features of a monastery courtyard. The upper levels have vaulted corridors, the thick, white plastered walls, the dark stained timber entrances to the rooms and two main staircases of red marble play a key role in the interiors.

    Architects: Tamás Németh, Árpád Debreczeni – Kima Studio
    Fellow architect: Zoltán Vaits
    Monument history expert: Tamás Horogszegi
    Structure: László Stágel
    Electrical engineering: János Petkovics
    HVAC: Olivér Mészáros
    Garden: Borbála Gyüre
    Fire protection: György Decsi
    Client: Kapu Váralja Kft.