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    Exhibitions and Events House, Villány

    Architect: Tamás Getto
    Text: Gergő Radev
    Photos: Greypixel

    The two-storey events building designed by Tamás Getto and his fellow architects is actually a follow-up of the 19th-century cellar system possessed by the Kovács family: it is a purposeful development and transformation of a wine-press. The client and designer architect have their roots in the Villány region and have already had joint projects, which made it obvious that they were going to manage together this one too. Their intention was welcome by both the state and the town that came to sponsor it. The building to host events has a capacity to receive 130 people thanks to its generous floor area and also houses an exhibition of local viticulture and its tools, which is a new and welcome contribution to spice up the town’s life. Construction works were started after making careful preparations in which the client and the architect cooperated. Underground there is a heated event space and an exhibition zone with traditional cellar atmosphere as well as a wine bar. Upstairs above the cellars two buildings of different dimensions were built with compact archaic masses. The adjustment to the soil and the terrain as well as the ramp style design naturally follow the tracery of the cellar. The building with a larger floor area houses a show kitchen counter and barbecue deck, whilst the smaller contains the water areas and other complementary service functions.

    Architecture: Gettoplan Bt.
    Architect: Tamás Getto DLA
    Fellow architects: Tímea Schunk DLA, Barnabás Kozák
    Structure: László Nagy
    Electrical engineering: Tibor Vas
    HVAC: Szabolcs Vígh