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    Detached house, Budakeszi

    Architect: Gábor Bártfai-Szabó
    Text: Bálint Botzheim
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Gábor Bártfai-Szabó and his wife, a fellow architect are already building their second family home in Budakeszi, along a dirt road of the formerly closed development zone of the settlement. The site is located near the former one. The challenge matched their previous one as it is yet another narrow strip of land, but the architectural scheme was largely extended: six rooms with a living space, bathrooms and a hall. The disposition of the building is linear, as it could not have been anything else. Two circular windows wink at us on the street front, and then a porch of more than 36 metre length reveals itself which runs along the entire structure. The linear configuration also has its advantages, though: each room has favourable orientation east-southward, and thus sunshine permeates every part of the house. The porch running along the fiull length of the structure lends it a homogenuous exterior appearance. Rooms open up from a corridor, whilst the living area opens directly from the hall. The largest room of the house is the appr. 46 square metre living zone doubling as a dining-room and a kitchen. Its large glass expanses lure in sunshine in the morning and even in the afternoon because of the glass surface on the wall neighbouring the hall. The building is clad in black special thermo-insulating plasterwork which was raked horizontally after being applied on the surfaces.

    Architects: Orsolya Bártfai-Szabó, Gábor Bártfai-Szabó
    Fellow architects: Iulia Agyagási, Mariann Nagy, Kinga Radnóczi
    Structure: Tibor Éles
    HVAC: Tamás Oltvai
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Baranyák, Zoltán Molnár
    Landscape: Orsolya Bártfai-Szabó