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  • I’ll be a Pilot

    Reptár – the museum of military aircrafts, Szolnok

    Architects: Béla Keresztes, Róbert Sós 
    Text: Miklós Okrutay 
    Photos: Áron Lality 

    It was a practical and self-evident opportunity for the city of Szolnok to found a museum of military aircrafts which is a worthwhile collection to European standards. The military airport still in operation today – at present used mainly as a helicopter training centre -, for which the live traditions of the open-air aircraft exhibition being extended from the 1970s on served as a firm background for the museum. Even if knowing all this, it is highly surprising to see such a well-conceived and thoroughly planned programme which awaits visitors named as „Reptár”. The site which is one of the first railway stations built in Hungary in the mid-19th century is well suited to house the new functions. The key to success was spaciousness: every single detail has found its right place in the huge scale new exhibition area, including the buildings of the former railway station that house the new functions, as well as the core of the open-air exhibition where aircrafts are arranged in a strict military order, as well as the air-defence devices set up here to counteract them with a variation of the same topic.

    Leading architect: Béla Keresztes 
    Co-architect: Róbert Sós 
    Electrical engineering: Attila Nagy 
    HVAC: Attila Nagy 
    Main contractor: Baukomplex Kft.