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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Architecture in a Borderline Situation

    ArtKazal, Mórahalom

    Architects: Csilla Nagy, Zoltán Tóth 
    Text: Anett Mizsei 
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

    The playfulness of designers and the experimental attitude of architects resulted in this apartman house with a hatched roof modelled on the analogy of a rectangular straw stack on the margins of Mórahalom. It impresses us as if it was not designers who built it but it had been woven by the landscape itself which lightly crosses the site here and there. We are not justified to talk about views or see-throughs and transparencies here, as the surrounding field simply rushes across through the openings and the courtile. Smoothless and unhindered, it runs across the house just like the draught passes through the openings set along the same axes, whilst providing ventilation throughout the building as naturally as possible. The vertical plane of the surrounding field has been turned into an integral part of the interior, as if it was a free continuation or extension of the interior in the same plane, in three directions, without a fence. From the fourth direction, which is that of the neighbouring building, the house separates itself with a strictly solid wall. This extension is stopped by the sauna positioned in the back garden, with its botanical design laser-cut steel side and the ferro-concrete back wall of the jacuzzi. Built structures appear as pavilions being detached from the house: they exist as independent objects that lead us towards the micro-architecture of the interior. Solutions applied by interior design seamlessly fit into the house: such as the on-site cast concrete counter, the tables with steel legs made from massive timber designs purposefully here. Solar panels on the roof facilitate the geo-thermal energy supply of the house. Thermal insulation is reinforced by two layers of natural reed planks. Besides, the outer reed layer was fixed as a climate facade separated from the structure by a ventilated layer of air.

    Leading architects: Csilla Nagy, Zoltán Tóth – Artgroup
    Fellow architects: Olga Kimle, Petra Kollár
    Structure: Zoltán Csákvári – Csákvári Mérnök Iroda Kft.
    HVAC: Lajos Erhardt  – Novoterv Kft.
    Electrical engineering: István Karácsony – AP Lightworks Kft.