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    Mansion on Svábhegy

    Architects: László Földes, Dániel Laczó
    Text: Anna Zöldi
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Designed by László Földes and Dániel Laczó, this mansion is located along a relatively busy road, Originally built for several cohabiting generations, it is only the ground floor which is being used now, and the future of the other storeys is still uncertain. The high priority of its mass formation was to contain three separate apartments in a single symmetrical block-type structure. The client and the architects agreed that not to overwrite the traditional mansion typology of its context by designing a trendy contemporary building emphasizing its modern characteristics. However, it was evident for each party concerned to create harmony with the past without rejecting the present. Clad in light-colour brick, the cube with a backbone parallel with the street is articulated with decks and retracted facades defines form contours with its block, and evokes the traditions of Classicist-style mansion architecture instead of the Romantic one, whilst featuring 21st-century details. Its exterior is defined by a deliberate attitude of reserve keeping a distance from the fashionable trend of contemporary architecture. The mass and the facade composition is actually a new re-interpretation of classic mansion typologies projected and translated into contemporary materials and geometry.

    General architecture: Földes and Partners
    Leading architect: László Földes
    Architect: Dániel Laczó
    Structure: Mihály Oláh – Ol-Stat
    HVAC: Sándor Balla – Thermoépgép Kft., Pál Darabos
    Electrical engineering: Csaba Hadobás – Elithome Kft.
    Garden: Edina Massány – Open Air Design
    Main contractor: Óbuda Group – Újlaki Építő