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    Children’s House, Budapest

    Architects: Barna Láris, Ferenc Keller
    Text: Miklós Okrutay
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The hand starts, the pen runs on the blank paper to takes possession of the space, sometimes
    running beyond it, then back again, to keep the freedom of movement until the momentum carries it. It was with this gesture that the Children’s House School arrived in its new building in Hűvösvölgy, occupying an abandoned typical office building, free from most of its constraints. The new façade of the dual block building complex, which is firmly embedded in the surrounding landscape, does not integrate any better into its context, but the cheerful play of white scribbles on a yellow and green background successfully loosens and counteracts the rigidity of forms. Because all this comes to a message that not only triggers free associations with the individual details drawn, but also creates a context of contents as a projection of the identity of the institution that is moving into the building. The school, which was launched at the time of the change of the political system, is defined by principles based on openness, creativity and acceptance.
    Perhaps going beyond this, it is also about teaching critical thinking, responsibility and the ability to make independent decisions. The occupation of the new building is a similarly alternative situation, as the buildings of the 1960s are due for demolition elsewhere. The Children’s House has found a new home in a highly experiential way with a smart conversion that offers a rich visual experience.

    Leading architects: Ferenc Keller, Barnabás Láris
    Fellow architects: Péter Böröcz, Györgyi Csanádi Szikszay, Dalma Fix, Titusz Rónai
    Interiors: Nóra Szabóné Farkas
    Elevation graphic: Boldizsár Zsolt Szenteczki
    Structure: Gábor Honti
    Electrical engineering: János Haratik
    Weak current: Károly Borsányi
    HVAC: Zoltán Lobenvein
    Geotechology: Balázs Vásárhelyi Dr
    Fire protection: Norbert Szabó
    Landscape: Dániel Kontra
    Roads: Miklós Ittzés, Oszvald Nagy
    Kitchen technology: Gábor Finta
    Rehabilitation: Anna Kormányos
    Elevators: Gábor Tragor
    Acoustics: Csaba Huszty Dr
    Framework: László Horváth
    Sports technology: Zita Tappler
    Client of the authorization plan: Municipality of Budapest 2th District
    Client of the realization plan: Közép Budai Tankerületi Központ