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    Detached House, Feleac (RO)

    Architect: Gábor Tóthfalusi
    Text: Gábor Erhardt
    Photos: István Bíró

    Located near Cluj-Napoca, Feleac is a settlement highly popular among young families moving away from towns and cities. For the site on the northern slope of the village with a full panoramic view of Cluj-Napoca, architect Gábor Tóthfalusi designed a high-standard classic „agglomeration” family house for a young married couple with a dynamic lifestyle. Its attitude to the terrain, the interior configuration and the materials used obviously differ from today’s architectural and design principles of simplicity and clarity. Its extravagance and playfulness is a perfect reflection of the character of the designer and maybe also that of the client. An almost exorbitant richness of building materials used impresses us with its freshness in the entrance zone to enhance our very first impression. An exciting spatial organization reveals itself in an apparent disorderliness with an interior order of a higher standard and level. Its exterior mass and detail design, however, features solutions borrowed from contemporary high-standard architecture in an empathetic and sensitive way.

    General design: Tektum Architects
    Architect: Gábor Tóthfalusi
    Fellow architect: Ágnes Székely
    Structure: Mihail Oltean – TOPPROIECT S.R.L.
    HVAC: Paul Biri, Aurelian Marian