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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Shelter among the trees

    Foliage Hotel, Noszvaj

    Architect: Gábor Fábián
    Text: Bálint Botzheim
    Photos: Tamás Török / Topogram

    Embraced by the hills, the foliage hotel was built on the shore of Lake Síkfőkúti after designs by architect Gábor Fábián. Overlooking the lake, the site is a narrow strip of land with trees evoking the atmosphere of a forest – this is where four modest-size apartment houses look downward avoiding the tall trees. The steep hillside facilitates that guests staying here should see the least of one another, and the most of the surrounding natural environment. Turning around the apartments from above, they are approachable via a bridge. The furniture and equipment meet the criteria of hotels: here is a double bed, a wardrobe, a lamp to read by, a mini bar and a tv set too. Each room features en suite bathroom and a kitchenette. A unique feature of the roofed deck is a jacuzzi sunk into the floor.

    Architect: Gábor Fábián – Arkt Építész Stúdió
    Structure: Koppány Madaras