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  • House for the Garden

    Family House, Remeteszőlős

    Architecture: GUBAHÁMORI
    Text: Anett Mizsei
    Photos: Balázs Danyi

    It is a curved building that reveals itself mysteriously, step by step. Clean, coherent and continuous, but not fully reveaing itself all at once. GUBAHÁMORI’s design team has designed an out-of-trend, characteristic and yet not “rebellious” residential house for Remeteszőlős. The house balances between the two scales: it can fully serve the comfort and requirements of its occupant, but defies the changing scale of its environment, the process of suburbanisation eroding local character. Its people-friendliness, its inclusiveness and assumed simplicity are reminiscent of the old single-storey holiday homes nestled in the greenery. Its street facade and rear garden frontage suggest a narrow, small volume, but between them is a refined, curved ‘long house’. A graceful curve separates the noisier street front of the garden from the peaceful, quiet, sunny south-west. At the centre of the house, space widens, the span increases; at this widest point, it opens out to both sides, revealing a breathing, airy living space that flows with the garden. The openings in the façade allow for full transparency, whilst dissolving the boundaries between the interior and the exterior. The floor plan frames a simple, peaceful living space that breathes with the garden, between the service and storage functions at the street front and the private bedrooms at the end of the garden. Beyond the master bedroom there is a guest room that doubles as a studio for the owner’s now independent but frequently visiting son. A flat roof covers the house, further simplifying the single-storey volume, and enclosing it below the canopy level of the trees.

    Architects: Sándor Guba, Péter Hámori, Szilvia Beke-Tóth, Balázs Besenyei – GUBAHÁMORI
    Structure: Balázs Karkiss
    Building services: Tamás Tirpák
    Electrical engineering: Dóra Pintérné Kolb