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    Market Hall, Pécs

    Architects: Tamás Getto, Gergely Sztranyák
    Text: Tamás Kiss
    Photos: Greypixel

    Since mid-summer this year, Pécs has had a good reason to boast of its a new market hall. The new building was constructed almost next-door to its predecessor, creating a striking architectural landmark on the border of the city’s distinctively different urban areas. This white-coloured, complex block, which follows the simple and pure geometric composition principles of modernism responds to a complex urban situation. From the north, the facade glazed on almost its full length is open towards the square and the open-air market. To the south, the longitudinal cube containing the indoor stalls and outlets has a well-defined shape, which evolves into a section with an inner yard: it is the result of a composition made up of a few simple geometrical elements that are pierced here and there with openings.
    The gradual change in the scale of its grandiose proportions counteracts the noisy bustle of the busy road system and rising flyovers with a kind of formal calmness. From north to south the internal functions are step by step transformed from the shopping areas into a commercial niche serving farmers and small shops. The exterior architecture and interior design are based on the same technicist and authentically honest principles. The longitudinal configuration of rectangular spaces set on slender pillars, defined by arches creates a generous, extremely spacious interior along a dominant longitudinal axis that gives the impression of an infinite space. The walls are made of exposed concrete. The overall appearance is reminiscent of the abstract geometric components of Roman aqueduct and viaduct arches. At the same time, the structure of this space also evokes the spatial features of basilica structures.

    Architecture, interiors: Tamás Getto, Gergely Sztranyák
    Fellow architects: Barnabás Pálfy, Mihály Vári, Kata Tóth
    Landscape: Sándor Mohácsi, Réka Tóth
    Structure: László Nagy, Marcell Duga
    Framework: László Mihály Perényi, Krisztián Kovács
    HVAC: Zsolt Rolich
    Power current: Miklós Mándity, Zoltán Hegyi
    Weak current: Péter Gungl, Balázs Gazdag
    Fire protection: László Lengyelfi, Csaba Sallai
    Outdoor public utilities: Gábor Nagy, Ferenc Jakab
    Roads: Gábor Nagy, Balázs Kiss
    Accessibility: Sára Rózsa
    Graphic design: Anett Csibi
    Main contractor: B Build & Trade Ltd.