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  • Redefining an Industrial Monument

    Silk Factory Cultural District, Mohács

    Architect: Gyula Dombai
    Text: Dániel Rabb
    Photos: Lajos Kalmár

    During the rehabilitation of the brownfield area of the former silk factory in Mohács, an industrial monument complex was saved from demolishing. The original designer of the building was the royal engineer Ferenc Kalin, who in 1905 designed several other similar factories at that time. In recent years, there has been conscious planning in the field of culture in Mohács, recognizing the tourist and cultural potential of the Danube settlement. The former Silk Factory Cultural Quarter, which was completed this year and opened in the summer, also fits into this line. The nearly 80-meter-long main building on the banks of the Danube was built in the middle with a tower and a wing perpendicular to it, in accordance with the style of the age, with brick architecture and large steel-framed windows. There was a silk winder on the upper level of the building. The renovation was completed in a future-oriented manner, and the city grew with its decorative lighting and fountain and a high-quality public park. On the ground floor of the main building, which was renovated with quality materials by designers, there were offices and shops, and on the first floor, a multifunctional event space suitable for almost 400 people was created. The innovation and technology center and the children’s playhouse may have moved to the former cocoon warehouse.

    Client: Municipality of Mohács
    Architecture: Dombaiterv Bt.
    Leading architect: Gyula Dombai
    Architect: Judit Kovácsné Zólyomi
    Fellow architect: Eszter Kunovszki
    Structure: Ilija Atanazov, Balázs Atanazov – Atanazovterv Kft.
    HVAC: Urszula Jeszták – U-Projekt Bt.
    Public utilities: Gábor Balog – Balog és Társa Bt.
    Environment protection: Hajnalka Schváb – Környezetszakértő Kft.
    Garden: Erika Hári
    Buildig history documentation: Dániel Rabb, Donát Rabb
    Monument protection: Krisztián Szigetvári Dr.
    Main contractor: László Munkás, Sándor Butykó – Munkás-Butykó Kft.