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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Sign in the Cornfield

    Time Box Pavilions, Călugăreni, Romania

    Architect: Gergely Sági
    Consultant: Zsolt Vasáros
    Text: Edit Pálinkás
    Photos: Gergely Sági, Zsolt Vasáros

    Between 2013 and 2015 the Department of Industrial and Agricultural Building Design (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) provided its students with an opportunity to take part in an international cooperative ERASMUS IP project in Transylvania. Under the guidance of the Mureș County Museum and with the participation of other Romanian, Hungarian and German institutes interdisciplinary research projects were conducted in the territory of former Roman forts and settlements of Brâncovenești, Călugăreni and Sărățeni, as well as different parts of the roman limes of Mureș County. After an extensive archeological research in Călugăreni, a temporary exhibition pavilion was required, which could be placed between the trenches to explain the nature of the hardly understandable holes in the ground to visitors during the fieldwork. The project created by Gergely Sági won the 2nd prize and the special mention of the department. Thanks to the funds provided by the Mures County Museum, the two buildings were completed in 2015. „I have tried to partially adjust the shape and the use of materials to the environment: from a point of view I wanted to make them familiar to the surroundings, meanwhile I wanted to emphasize the novelty and identity and didn’t want them to look alike anything existing in the environment; I wanted it to be a sign in the cornfield. The ‘deformed house’ shape was born this way, throughout many steps; and the familiar shingle covering was born this way, too.”

    Architect: Gergely Sági
    Collaborators: Zsolt Vasáros DLA (leading consultant), Cicelle Gaul DLA (consultant), Zsolt Tövissi (architect)
    Structure: Péter Dénes
    Leading curators: Szilamér Péter Pánczél, Silvia Mustață, Koppány Bulcsú Ötvös
    Curators: Alpár Dobos, István Karácsony, Nicoleta Man, Dávid Petrut, Katalin Sidó
    Builders: Sándor Ambrus, Ferencz Andrási, János Antal, István Balla, Lehel Balla, Zsigmond Balla, Zsolt Balla, József Bálint, Botond Csiki, Szilárd Dósa, Szilárd Kacsó, Nándor Laczkó, Regő László, Norbert Moldován, Botond Siklódi, László Siklódi, József Szabó, Hunor Szász, Zsolt Szilveszter
    Contractors: Koppány Bulcsú Ötvös
    Client: Mures County Musuem