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  • Sweet Home

    Detached House, Budapest

    Architect: Eszter Dénes
    Text: Sándor Csontó
    Photos: Zsófia Kedves

    Located on Aranyhegy in District 3 of Budapest, this detached family house has a neighbourhood where formerly there had been resort sites used for gardening and growing fruits. These lots have been developed into residential zones since the 90s rapidly. Nearby there are hardly any houses that appear to reflect the landscape, the local faculties and understand their context in a genuinely contemporary way. Works by Eszter Dénes architect, however, reveal an economic attitude based on but going beyond local architectural memories. Phrased with the necessary sensitivity, this sort of architecture is permeated by the harmony of humans cohabiting with nature. The narrow, only 11 metres wide lot evokes the means of vernacular Hungarian architecture with a longish pitched roof set along the border of the lot to cover a 120 m² house. Although its forms are reserved and modest, they also have a character matched with a functional horizontal configuration, but its chief merits are the openings, the doors and windows with various sizes coupled with a playful design of the facade.

    Architect: Eszter Dénes
    Fellow architects: Anikó Bánhidi-Kovács, György Dénes
    Garden: Zsófia Kedves