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  • A Dual Challenge

    Office Block of the Parliament Office, Budapest

    Architect: Bence Vadász
    Text: Sándor Csontó
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Clerks of the Parliament offices had the chance to take their new work places in György Szabad Office Building now. Developing the northern side of Kossuth Square was completed between the two world wars, leaving the southern side vacant. 1972 saw the completion of the modern style office block above the underground station with a strikingly different character, structure and design from the spatial walls. The remodelling of the main square of the nation and the reconstruction of the wider context of the Houses of Parliament was launched within the framework of Steindl Imre Programme in 2011. It also included the reconstruction of the house and the facade in accordance with designs by Dezső Hültl – remaining in blueprint for almost a century now. The original scheme was to preserve the structure by Pintér but due to structural weaknesses a decision to pull it down was made in 2016. Designs by UVATERV Ltd., and Vadász and Fellow Architects met the criteria published in the next tender. Bence Vadász and his team in cooperation with ZED Studio also prepared the reanimation of the 1928 design based on the laser scanned +D survey of the neighbouring building and thus they matched it with the new one.

    General design: UVATERV – Vadász és Társai Konzorcium
    Lead architect: Bence Vadász
    Co-architect: Dániel Déri – ZED Studió
    Architect (tunnel and in-house work): Csaba Turján UVATERV
    Structure (office building): Csaba Szaló – UVATERV
    Structure (tunnel, transformator, works in Parliament building): Tamás Kósa – UVATERV
    HVAC: László Temesvári – Temesvári Tervező Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Kelemen – Kelevill-FZ Kft.
    Structural details: Orsolya Dudinszky – Farsang és Dudinszky Tervezőiroda Kft.
    Fire protection: Levente Szöllősi – FIRE-MED Bt.
    Landscape: Dániel Kontra – Urban Concept Kft.
    Traffic: Tamás Nádasdy – UVATERV
    Pavings: Dénes Nagy – UVATERV
    Kitchen technology: Ágnes Straub – Szigmavill Bt.
    Environment protection: Tibor Kovács – UVATERV
    Acoustics: Róbert Csott – ’95 Apszis Bt.
    Accessibility: Krisztina Halmai
    Elevators: Zsolt Makovsky – Makovsky és Társai Kft.
    Geotechnology: László Nagy – UVATERV
    Geodesy: János Szászvári – UVATERV
    Main contractor: Market Zrt.
    Investor: Steindl Imre Program Nonprofit Zrt.