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  • Contemporary Timber Architecture

    Mesevár Kindergarten, Monor

    Architect: István Murka
    Text: Szilvia Molnár
    Photos: József Hajdú

    Base in Monor, the kindergarten named Mesevár is located on the imaginary borderline between a street of detached family houses and the main street lined with services. The basic concept was to create a single-storey public building which the environment can tolerate quite well. Behind the main entrance facing north there are offices and rooms for the employees, whilst the south-facing side is a zone of rooms for the groups with direct link to the garden. A unique feature of the latter is that each was designed with a separate bathroom. The mass of the building is softened by a terraced design of the facades also found on the fifth facade: accessible through the gym room and the main entrance, and then via the wind trap the section of dressing rooms for the children is a space open with skylights, but natural light also filters in here from the direction of the atrium-design inner court. Between the colourful surfaces wherever it was possible there are white wooden fields with aesthetic looks left untreated that open up the „secret” of the building to visitors: it is the timber structure. The kindergarten building with a white facade was constructed using a high-tech CLT (cross-laminated) technology.
    Cclient: Municipality of Monor
    Design: Dóm Építészműterem Kft.
    Leading architect: István Murka
    Architect: Anikó Nyéki
    Fellow architects: Ádám Metzl, Tamás Zalai
    Technical drawings: Zsófia Simon
    Structure: Zsolt Petrilla, István Kenese
    HVAC: Attila Braun
    Electrical engineering: Péter Bodócs
    Fire protection: Levente Szöllősi
    Environment rehabilitation: Erika Fülöp