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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Shooting Club House, Reloaded

    Haris Park, Budapest

    Architects: Márton Kovács, Sándor Göcsei
    Text: Miklós Okrutay
    Photos: György Darabos

    Founded in 1696, the Civilian Shooting Association in Buda moved to its permanent home in 1885. Built in the „Swiss” style, the house evokes the characteristic architecture of mansions, containing a banquet hall. The single-storey central block is flanked by smaller pavilion-like parts on both sides. Each building opens up with carved and turned timber pediments on the main facades. Thanks to its most recent renovation of high standards, the maintenance and functioning of the building is carried out with due care and attention, which is the merit of the family owning it now. The intervention may as well be rated as an exemplary model of successfully utilizing historic buildings as it is primarily the preserved and renovated parts of the building that draw attention, with each detail offering authentic experience and the original atmosphere of the period of its construction defines the overall image in an intact way.

    General design: Márton Kovács, Sándor Göcsei – Egyperegy Építész Műterem
    Interior design 1. phase: Tibor Somlai, András Molnár – Somlai Design Studio
    Interior design 2. phase: Miklós Csuzdi, Gabriella Patai – Ga Design Budapest
    Fire protection: Sándor Rimár
    Kitchen technology: Árpád Rátonyi
    Garden, landscape: Nóra Geiger
    Scientific documentation: Ferenc Bor
    Evaluation: Zoltán Fehérvári
    Wall research: József Lángi
    Monument history expert: Zsuzsanna Sajti
    Client: Dr. Éva Haris, György Haris, Gergely Haris – Haris Park Kft.