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    Piarist Kindergarten in Nagykanizsa

    Architects: Balázs Falvai, Márton Nagy , Balázs Tatár, Dávid Török 
    Text: Ferenc Cságoly 
    Photos: Arion Gábor Kudász 

    The Piarist school centre in Nagykanizsa has a history spanning over 250 years. In 1763 the landlord of the town, count Lajos Batthyány offered to sponsor it. It has been one of the most important educational centres of the region for centuries. The complex was completed in the 1920s in its today’s conditions, and is now complemented by the recently opened kindergarten, which is a successful addition to the existing architectural character. This in turn lead to the horizontal plans of contemporary designs, spatial configurations and solutions, as well as the designs of the facades. Its orientation is sober and practical, the horizontal scheme is well-conceived and chiselled, the functional and spatial systems come to make up an integral overall scheme of architecture. The complex spatial system is built upon self-evidently simple means which are lasting owing to the contemporary character of the facades and its simple solutions. The new kindergarten could adjust to the intellectual-spiritual habit which is defined by the history of the school and the location. It managed to stay modest and rational, much in the same way as all the other buildings in the neighbourhood.

    • General design: dmb műterem Kft.
    • Architecture: Balázs Falvai DLA, Márton Nagy DLA, Balázs Tatár, Dávid Török DLA
    • Interior architecture: Péter Fábián 
    • Statics: István Kenese 
    • HVAC: Benedek Végh 
    • Electrical engineering: Zsolt Magosi 
    • Landscape architecture: Borbála Gyüre 
    • Accessibility: András Pandula 
    • Fire protection: Lajos Takács
    • Client: Piarista Rend Magyar Tartománya
    • Main contractor: Mega-Logistic Zrt.