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    Railway Station Reconstruction, Kaposvár

    Architects: András Markó , Tamás Németh
    Text: Dávid Bán
    Photos: Tamás Török / Topogram

    Considering requirements of historic buildings, and using some delicate contemporary solutions, András Markó and Tamás Németh designed the reconstruction of the railway station in Kaposvár originally built by Ferenc Pfaff. The town which is the centre of Somogy county started a spectacular development stage in the 19th century regarding its industries and economy. As a result, it evolved into one of the most significant towns in the Transdanubian region. Its well-organized and nicely maintained centre was a venue of bustling middle class life and cultural events, and advanced to be a well-known art centre at the turn of the century. The theatre opened in 1911 in the neighbourhood of the railway station ranks amongst the most important ones in the country. The Hungarian railways, MÁV Zrt. initiated the design stage of the reconstruction of the railway station in its own authority in 2013 and the project has been completed this year. As the building is a protected historic monument, the reconstruction targeted to restore its authentic original designs as much as possible, as well as to modernize the worn out, poor quality areas of passenger traffic, work places and maintenance. The waiting lounge reserved for passengers is a welcome blend of the renewed components and contemporary ones.

    General architecture: MÁV Zrt. Beruházás Lebonyolítási Igazgatóság – Műszaki Tervezési Főosztály
    Leading architects: András Markó, Tamás Németh
    Fellow architects: Szilvia Flachner, Sándor Juhász-Tóth, Viola Pintér, Ilona Szabóné Jambrik
    Interiors: Balázs Kéry – KROKI Stúdió
    Framework: Richárd Reisch, Tamás Szutor, Nóra Harmat (FRT Raszter Kft.)
    Structure: Krisztián Főző
    HVAC: László Gergely
    Electrical engineering: Ádám Turi
    Landscape: Renáta Ágnes Tóth
    Roads, traffic: Péter Balogh
    Outdoor public utilities: András János Kovács
    Historic docimentation: Virág Hajdú
    Rehabilitation expert: Márta Székely
    Main contractor: ZÁÉV Zrt.