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    Hungexpo F1 Reception Building

    Architects: Péter Dóczé, Mária Magyar
    Text: Péter Debreczeni
    Photos: György Palkó

    Significant changes have taken place at Hungexpo between 2019 and 2021 by modernizing the existing exhibition halls and constructing the new congress centre and pavilions. An important part of this modernization was the connection of the various buildings, the creation of a new image and visitor guidance system, the central component of which is the F1 reception building. In spite of its arched design, it is not an outdated ‘blob’, but an example of what is happening when parametric architecture is applied in a smart way. Despite the complexity of the form, designers filled it with functions in a masterly way. The building contains offices, various service zones, a restaurant, and a conference space, all this contained in an organic system, much in th same way like the organs of a live being. Solutions of interior design appear as intentionally simple ones. With a simple palette of black and white, and exclusively geometric forms, a space is created to accommodate and fit in as neutrally and easily as possible.
    Besides being usable, its structure is also rational. Here we can see how helpful the potentials of parametric design are with regard tot he feasibility of buildings. These tools have been exploited by the designer to the full.

    General architecture: Finta Studio
    Leading architect: Péter Dóczé DLA
    Co-architect: Mária Magyar DLA
    Plans: Örs Tömösi, Ibolya Nagy – Art-NT Studió
    Structure: László Szabó– Hydrastat kft.
    HVAC: János Bukovics – G&B plan kft.
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Kelemen – Kelevill kft.
    Traffic: Ádám Rhorer – Közlekedés kft.
    Environment: István Steffler – Garten Studio Kft.
    Kitchen technology: Gizella Kurucz – Design Stúdió kft.
    Environment protection, acoustics: Gusztáv Józsa – Józsa Kft.
    Fire protection: Levente Szöllősi – Fire-Med Bt.
    Experts on behalf of the main contractor:
    Framework: Márton Juhász – bim.GROUP Kft.
    HVAC: Orsolya Récsey – bim.GROUP Kft.
    Electrical engineerig: Gábor Balán – bim.GROUP Kft.
    Elevation panels: Zsolt Gutléber – bim.GROUP Kft.
    Glass structures: Márton Kucsera – Cutting Edge Face