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    National University of Public Service, Training Building, Budapest

    Architects: József Finta, Tamás János Szabó, Zoltán Kulcsár
    Text: Bálint Botzheim
    Photos: György Palkó

    The new training building of the National University of Public Service has been inaugurated as part of a complex scheme of campus development. As the new buildings surround the park now like a caravan of carriages now, it would be necessary to give urbanistic considerations more emphasis. Having more entrances towards the city, the park could have better chances to integrate into the circulation of the district, and it could evolve into a recreational zone for city-dwellers. The development of the campus of this university was a logical step necessary for a longer time; whilst training was housed previously at various points in the city, it is now integrated on one and the same site. The basic formula of the building, which is a Z-shape, has several advantages. Ludovika, as well as the wings positioned towards the dormitory are arranged along this, whilst the linking sections are aligned with Orczy Park. On both sides of the Z shape, full-height buildings with a row of columns connected with timbers round off the composition. On the side facing Üllői Road thus an entrance situation has been created, whilst on the other side, on the first floor a roof terrace connects it with the park. The wings of the buildings contain the ground floor and five storeys. The horizontal layout is a generous one, the auditoriums with a seating capacity of 300 and 500 people respectively float like cores in the surrounding rhomboid form. The two smaller auditoriums for 140 people each are adjusted to the raster of this configuration.

    Client: Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem
    General design: Finta és Társai Építész Stúdió Kft.
    Leading architects: Dr. József Finta, Tamás János Szabó DLA
    Coordinating architect: Gábor Mezei
    Architect: Gábor Péter
    Interiors: Zoltán Kulcsár, Petra Tóth
    Fellow architects: András Koncsol, Mariann Erősné H., Mónika Halvaksz, Szabolcs Dienes
    Fellow interior designers: Anikó Z. Havas, Gyöngyi Kalmár, Éva Varga, László Dobozi, Balázs Kertész, Gábor Kiss
    Structures: FRT Raszter, Balázs Takács
    Framework: János Volkai – TM Janeda Kft.
    HVAC: László Temesvári – Temesvári Tervező Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Kelemen – Kelevill Kft.
    Environment: György Szloszjár – Garten Studio Kft.
    Kitchen technology: Gizella Szabolcs – Design Kft.
    Traffic: Ádám Rhorer – Közlekedés Kft.
    Public utilities: Csaba Szabó – Mélyépterv Komplex Zrt.