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  • Monasteries and Gardens in Veszprém

    Designer: István Gajdos
    Text: János Géczi
    Photos: Gábor Gáspár

    Following the exploration of the historical traditions of the site, the project titled “Monasteries and Gardens at the foot of Veszprém Castle” was carried out after careful preparations between 2007 and 2014, making use of the opportunity of a European Union development period. A.D.U. Architects and the Department of Landscape Conservation and Rehabilitation of Corvinus University Budapest had already completed a study in 2005 to define the objectives of the development, the guidelines of which could be employed any further modifications adjustment since then as they covered functions to provide for leisure activities, improve life quality, meet the needs of several generations, sustainable rehabilitation, tourism and enhance local values.
    In the framework of this project, the redevelopment of the green zone along the river Séd, from Kiskuti tavern near the western section of the ring road to Remete Street near the heart of the city, as well as the renovation of the listed historic complexes, have been completed on schedule. As a result of the 2.7 km long, 13.8 hectare area around the six action points, Veszprém has evolved into a city of parks following the typology of arboretums.