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  • Market, Ecomony

    Market Hall, Nagykőrös

    Architects: Irén Járomi, Gyula Kiss
    Text: Anett Mizsei
    Photos: György Palkó

    Nagykőrös is a traditionally agricultural and commercial centre with a monthly market which is a major forum for regional trade. The preservation of traditions is a prioritized mission of the town. In order to allow the market to throb like the heart of the settlement, an architectural framework is to be provided. These are outlined by designers from Kiss and Járomi Architects, Irén Járomi and Gyula Kiss, both holders of the Ybl Prize, when they were commissioned to compose the new hall. A solution had to be chosen to integrate it into this context, without competing with the water tower standing on the opposite side. The building was built as a hall with a structure of purely steel and skylights. The frame stands are wrapped in a two-layered facade, whilst the interior has a glass curtain wall. Shading and partial overlap is provided by a second shell on the longitudinal facades, which is a golden colour perforated composite sheet. Its parametrically divided circular piercing appears as if it was the place of golden dollars taken to the market.

    General design: Kiss-Járomi Építésziroda
    Architects: Irén Járomi, Gyula Kiss
    Fellow architect: Ádám Tillinger – Kiss-Járomi Építésziroda
    Structure: Ákos Salacz – Terv S Kft.
    HVAC: Albert Lovas – Optiterv Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Csaba Bakos – Bakos Kft.
    Weak current: Péter Alfréd Bulla
    Fire protection: Attila Kiszely
    Main contractor: Eu-Építő Kft.
    Steel frames: Tesz-97 Kft.
    Glass panels: Ltd-Bau Kft.
    Elevation, roof: Prefa Hungária Kft.
    Architect of the original building: Ildikó Horváth
    Client: Nagykőrös Város Önkormányzata