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  • Riding Hall and Communal Building, Felsőör

    Architect: Ákos Eszenyi
    Text: János Géczi
    Photos: Csaba Molnár – Molnár Studio

    On the periphery of Felsőörs, the northernmost village of the Hungarian Riviera, that is Lake Balaton, there is a single stable towering above its surroundings on a larger estate with stands necessary for animal-keeping. Nestling into the landscape with its every cell, this generous and rich outbuilding is an authentic design of the Balaton Upperlands. There could not have been a more suitable site for this building: it actually enhances the aura of the location. The goal of the design task included activities associated with horse-keeping: besides the stables, the riding hall and other, associated activities there was the opportunity to convert the loft of the stable later on into temporary residential places, accommodations or even a guesthouse. This mansion evokes the designs of those built here in Balatonfüred in a rural style at the end of the 19th century, and suits the classic forms and spatial configuration as well as the taste of the land-owning middle-class in every detail.

    General architecture: Felvidéki Építész Műhely Kft.
    Leading architect: Ákos Eszenyi
    Fellow architects: Norbert Lucskai, Tamás Pető, István Takács, Bence Gábor Várnai
    Structure: Imre Szabó – Traverz 50 Mérnöki Iroda Kft.
    HVAC: Zoárd Mangel – Mangel Épületgépész Iroda
    Electrical engineering: Tibor Varró – MIXIVILL 2000 Bt.
    Fire protection: István Acsai – Tűzfény Tűzvédelmi és Kereskedelmi Bt.
    Garden: Zsuzsanna Neumann – Dunapark Kft.
    Clients: Csaba Juhász, Viola Péller