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    Urbán House, Etyek

    Architects: Imre Bődi, Zsolt Frikker
    Text: Levente Szabó
    Photos: Zsolt Frikker
    Located on Etyek-Öreghegy, Urbán house has a simple function: a service building for the events which are organised by Etyeki Kúria in the temporarily used tent next to it or on the site. The building has been reborn by utilizing the former family resort. Architects Imre Bődi and Zsolt Frikker started this project by preserving the building: it is exactly what it is, nothing more and nothing less with regard to its location and functions. They have preserved what was worth preserving, and the carefully conceived addition and extension was realized exclusively to meet functional demands. Demolished to its archetypal design and form, the building has transformed into a new contemporary component within the landscape thanks to two architectural means: the dark-coloured plasterwork and the roof matched with metal grids positioned in the plane of the wall resulted in a homogenous object-like composition with the addition of the U-shaped timber-structure extension. This converted building has been completely overwritten, and a new structure was born through which its own hidden past filters through also present as a physical reality.

    Client: Etyek Kúria Kft.
    Architecture: Studio Fragment Kft., Imre Bődi, Zsolt Frikker
    Structure: Szabolcs Fekete
    HVAC: Attila Pitkó
    Electrical engineering: Csaba Zentai