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    Lutheran Church, Budakeszi

    Architect: László Benczúr
    Text: Tamás Kiss
    Photos: József Hajdú

    The Lutheran Congregation held it very first mass in November 2020 in its newly inaugurated church in Budakeszi. The exterior features simple, purely spatial geometrical components and a rational spatial configuration. A formative element of the composition is the terracotta-coloured oval-shaped plastered prism holding the trapezoid flat roof supported by six pillars that runs parallel with the borderlines of the plot. In the spirit of oecumenity, the exposed concrete pillars bear the names of Christian martyrs who died in various continents in the 20th and 21st centuries, On the central axis of the main facade two concrete blades and the wooden lamellas between them comprise the 18.metre spire crowned with an accentuated Latin cross. Inside, the atmosphere of mysterious closedness is replaced by a light intimacy. The arched walls with a freely flowing tracery gently embrace the observer here. A blend of puritan simplicity and refined generosity is suggested by the sophisticated high-standard carpentry work made of layered wooden sheets. The industrial character of the latter often seen as a negative agent is surpassed by the sophisticated finish and carefully designed geometry of the furniture the palette of which is almost white.

    Client: Magyarországi Evangélikus Egyház (György Krámer), Budakeszi Evangélikus Egyházközség (Sára Puskás Lacknerné)
    General architecture: Benczúr & partner építész Kft.
    Leading architect: László Benczúr
    Fellow architect: Eszter Budaházi
    Interiors: László Benczúr, Eszter Budaházi
    Structure: Zoltán Bencze – CÉH Zrt.
    HVAC: László Lukács – CÉH Zrt.
    Electrical engineering: János Sápi – CÉH Zrt.
    Garden: Krisztina Wallner
    Fire protection: Gabriella Pukánszky
    Main contractor: Bálint Kangyal – WANDBAU Kft.
    Steel structure: Ádám Kendelényi – ARCO Művek Kft.
    Timberwork and wall panels: Krisztián Varga – Vargaholz Kft.
    Bell: Miklós Gombos
    Idea of the monument: Tamás Fabiny Dr.
    List of martyrs: Pál Lackner Dr.