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    Pest-Buda Hotel, Budapest

    Architect: Bernadett Hild Csorba
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The oldest hotel building of the country housing today’s Pest-Buda Hotel is found in the neighborhood of the historical quarter of the Castle of Buda, which is a protected site. In 1696 the very first inn combined guesthouse was opened here, only ten years after the liberation of Buda as a sign of the intention to quickly reunite with Europe. It was rebuilt on medieval foundations. Just like the majority of the middle-class houses in the Castle district, it also features intricate spatial relations with the neighbouring buildings. The horizontal plan and layout of the Pest-Buda hotel still bears the marks of times, and the non-stop transformations resulted in a later built-in ceiling with vaults, as well as a chimney, that was channelled over from the neighbouring houses: all these come to make up an intricate system of spatial correlations. The concept worked out by Bernadett Hild Csorba was driven by architectural honesty and straightforwardness: the ambition to show what can be possibly shown either by relocating certain components and materials or rationally recycling them without having to make up authentic details. The finished building thus bears the marks of times but is adjusted to today’s uses and tastes. Every bit of the hotel conveys this kind of dual character which has been transcended into a high standard Gesamtkunstwerk enriched by ideas from interior architect Tibor Somlai.

    Leading architect: Bernadett Hild Csorba
    Architects: Erika Erdélyi, Ibolya Ráth Miklósné Tóth
    Fellow architect: Vivien Tarjányi
    Interiors: Tibor Somlai
    Fellow designer: Szabolcs Debreczeni
    Structure: Dr András Vándor
    HVAC: Zoárd Mangel
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Üveges, Péter Gazdagh
    Historical experts: Levente Csomortány, Judit Gömöry
    Fire protection: András Székács
    Acoustics: János Pintér
    Painting restoration: Ferenc Springer
    Stone restiration: Gábor Ludányi
    Historic monument expert: Dr Judit Janotti
    Client: Zsidai Gasztronómiai & Hotel Csoport
    Main cotractor: Stettin Hungária Kft.