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    Conversion of a Hospital Site, Kaposvár

    Architects: Ferenc Lőrincz Jr., Ádám Ligeti, Rita Balogh, László Pap
    Text: Krisztina L. Balogh
    Photos: Balázs Lőrincz, Alán Szekeres, Róbert Benke, Rómeo Pintér Dr.

    The 2,7 hectare area starting to deteriorate into slums in the heart of Kaposvár was purchased by the local authority from the state with the aim to meet the welfare-functional needs of the crowded and busy downtown, and to primarily convert it into a public zone. The reinterpretation of the area involved a design task more complex than the one 40 or 50 years ago, when the strategic goal had been to manage the city’s infrastructure, as the objective now is to develop the urban standards. We had to go beyond the traditional specialist-oriented development of infrastructures, and a complex methodology based on a co-operative approach and public area management had to be adapted. to replace the demolished buildings, a generous, a 21st-century modern urban park was created on almost 1 hectare with sustainable operation and experimental character in its „know-how”.

    General concept: Ferenc Lőrincz Jr. – Arker Stúdió Kft.
    Main contractor: Szemeco Szakipari Kft., Horváth Építőmester Zrt., LECPES Kft.
    Architects: Ferenc Lőrincz Jr., Ádám Ligeti, Rita Balogh, László Pap
    Structure: Csaba Harsányi, Péter Rabb
    Monument history expert: Károly Rőmer
    Soil mechanics: József Schubert
    HVAC: Ferenc Székely
    Power current: Ferenc Száraz Attila Tursics, Ferenc Száraz
    Weak current: János Pápai, Péter Gungl
    Fire protection: Balázs Bajna, Róbert Klem
    Accessibility: Ágota Németh
    Public utilities: Attila Horváth, Olga Miklós
    Landscape: Barnabás Szakács, Viktor László
    Roads, traffic: János Endrédi
    Elevator: György Kinder
    Playground: Boldizsár Kő
    Client: Kaposvár Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata