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    Resort Building, Fonyód

    Architecture and photos: György Dénes
    Text: Gábor Bártfai-Szabó

    People know the changes of the seasons, faces, odours, the soil, vegetation, the manmade environment, building materials, where they are brought up. All this lives in our memory as a piece of a mosaic. Architect György Dénes has had his roots in the southern shores of the lake in the past few decades. The resort home he designed and built for his family as well as many of his realized and yet to be realized projects are found in its immediate neighbourhood, reflecting the understanding and experiencing of local bindings. The T-shaped horizontal plan of the small compact resort home is within a short walking distance from the free beach in Fonyód. Its horizontal plan and mass formation is the realization of a well-conceived and reserved type of architecture. Nothing is exaggerated, nothing is larger than necessary, the horizontal configuration is moderate and useful. A loveable part of the building is the semi-closed, semi-opened terrace and the summer kitchen which opens towards the garden and the lake.
    This reserved behaviour conceals a lot of expertise, craftsmanship and delicate details. The architect has a remarkable methodology, as the project involved a minimal
    design, maximal and close cooperation between the designer and builder to bring about
    the architectural values of the building.

    Architect: György Dénes
    Main contractor: Steiner Kft.