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    Holy Trinity Chapel, Derekegyház

    Architect: László Váncza
    Text: Péter Vesmás
    Photos: Balázs Danyi

    The orientation and horizontal configuration of the Holy Trinity Chapel in Derekegyház follows examples of medieval rural churches. Its entrance is marked by a tower organically integrated in the design, and the choir above the gate covers the entrance porch. The interior of the church as a whole can be viewed at one glance. The dual semicircular apse serves the traditional liturgy, and containing the entrance to the sacristy and the sunken tabernacle to provide a suitable background to the crucifix and the altarpiece. The daylight illumination of the interior features a consciously employed composition: the narrow strip of the apse, the south-facing window with diagonal subdivisions illuminating the apse and the northern glass window of the undivided chapel space let in natural light. The church shows itself from among the trees of the grove as if it was a white statue. When walking around it we also have an overall image of the interior. The asymmetrical roofing is taller from the direction of the castle, but is more gently built, just like a house with a porch towards the village centre.

    General architecture: Váncza Művek
    Leading architect: László Váncza
    Fellow architects: Kinga Ferenczy, Soma Ránki
    Structure: Koppány Madaras – mdrs2 Kft.
    HVAC: Tamás Tóth – Ventosus Kft.
    Electrical engineering: András Wollner – Innovill Kft.
    Garden: Tibor Varga, Blanka Varga-Kiss
    Main contractor: Építészmester Zrt.
    Client: Szeged-Csanád Diocese