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  • Under a Lucky Constellation

    István Széchenyi Primary School, Budakeszi

    Architect: Attila Turi
    Text: Mária Tatai
    Photos: György Dénes

    The school is built on a semi-circular site in Kerekmező square. The inclination of the terrain means it is bordered by straight walls from below and along the main road, and embraced with a large arched line on the other side. Straight and sweeping arched lines complement each other fairly well. The wing towards the street contain rows of classrooms, which are basically the same size, but their windows and lights make slight distinctions and thus appear individually different. At the upper part of the sloped terrain the arched walls of the northeastern wing houses the main community spaces: the community hall and the canteen, as well as the staffroom. The facade is articulated with various materials which are orchestrated by colours. Entrances with slightly projecting roofs and the filtering noise children make indoors invite us inside. On entering through the main entrance the two-storey community hall welcomes us with columns articulating a space with a calming and friendly atmosphere. Making a tour of the school with 16 classrooms a simple plan of organizations reveals itself: the internal court is embraced by four wings linked by a row of light passages.

    Architect: Attila Turi – Triskell Kft.
    Fellow architects: Gergő Turi, Davor Robitsko, Csilla Töviskes, Tibor Bárdi
    Structure: László Pongor, Miklós Szikora
    HVAC: László Köves, Zoltán Gróza
    Electrical engineering: István Barta
    Project management: BMSK Zrt.
    Main contractor: Épkar Zrt.
    Client: Nemzeti Sportközpontok és Budakeszi város Önkormányzata