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  • Landscape and Time

    Extension of a Barn Restaurant, Őriszentpéter

    Architect: Gábor U. Nagy
    Text: Nóra Ostoróczky
    Photos: György Palkó

    After its first conversion, the Dance Barn in Őriszentpéter was used as a rehearsal room of a dance community. Initially functioning as a kitchenette, it was transformed into a culinary pilgrims’s site throughout the years. As a result, it was necessary to extend the consumers’ place. In 2019 this composition was enriched with another new „box” in a response to the new situation. This configuration was similar that of the first extension, but the extension ensuing then was different in character. Viewed from the outside, there is a strong contrast between the former timber and the new steel extension,which impresses us as an architectural gesture rather than a solution naturally resulting from the location as a self-evident one. As opposed to the simple cube of the dance barn, the new glass cube has a radically different, dynamic mass configuration obvious at first glance. The wooden lamellas of the facade overlooking the yard evokes the structure of the facade of the dance barn. The markedly strained steel contours of the glass panes are adjusted to the glass configuration and layout of the dance barn and the rhythm of the timber pillars between the masonry fills of the restaurant.

    The new participant accommodates both to the already existing order whilst separating from the existing building complex.

    Architecture: MoHa Építészeti és Művészeti Kft.
    Leading architect: Gábor U. Nagy
    Fellow architect: Miklós Toldi
    HVAC: Béla Kadnár
    Client: Pajta Bisztró, Őriszentpéter
    Main contractor: Ganz Danubius Hajtástechnika Kft., Attila Horváth, Dávid Monok