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    Jakab Bleyer Elementary School, Budaörs

    Architects: Ágnes Tőrös, Károly Pólus, Csaba Nagy 
    Text: Zoltán Dragon 
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

    The building project of Jakab Bleyer German Minority Elementary School was licensed in 2014 in Budaörs commissioned by the local authority which also finances it. The new part of the school building was completed in April, 2016 to house special education for groups of handicapped schoolchildren with learning difficulties. The school specializes in rehabilitation development, speech therapy, dog-aided and therapeutic riding as well as providing information technology as well as puppetry, excursions, theatre, library and handicrafts activities to facilitate their pupils’ development. The architectural concept is based on an ideal scheme focussed on an atrium garden easily accessible. This core is surrounded by a semi-gable or gable-roof building. The atrium is directly linked to the passages and corridors, followed by classrooms and specialized classrooms, staff rooms, cafeteria, kitchen, sports unit and water areas – opposite which there is the library and the room for handicrafts activities. Everything has been designed and arranged in the most ideal way and configuration possible, including orientation. Outside the classrooms there is a spectacular garden and even a special garden for practising gardening, whilst the back yard is divided into areas for plays and games, physical education lessons, as well as a parking space and a garden store for the forty schoolchildren.

    • Architects: Ágnes Tőrös, Károly Pólus, Csaba Nagy
    • Structure: Tibor Pintér 
    • HVAC: Péter Nógrádi 
    • Electrical engineering: István Karácsony 
    • Main contractor: LAM Zrt.