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  • Meaningful Simplicity

    Detached Family House, Göd

    Architects: Péter Klobusovszki, Balázs Rose
    Text: Krisztina Somogyi
    Photos: Balázs Danyi

    Not far from the river Danube, a detached family house located in a tiny street does not ambition to stand out from erveryday reality. Quite the contrary, it creates a „fine place” within it with its own sensuous order, opening a space inward for a superior quality of life. During the design stage three theses were taking shape. The first one being that the house should be a closed structure and turn towards the inner yard. Secondly, that the house should be able to protect itself, meaning that it should be „boxeable”. The third statement is to preserve the values of the garden: the vegetation had to be preserved during the reconstruction and remodelling stage. The solution applied here is that an independent modest size guesthouse has been created in the garden viewed when approaching the neighbouring area overgrown with vegetation. The family house is now a mysterious beauty which is liveable from the inside. Its unique feaure is that it is based on the well-balanced and yet maximalist lifestyle of its tenants, and is fed by the erudition, perfectionism and liberated creativity of its architects.

    General architecture: Klobusovszki Építészet Kft.
    Architects: Péter Klobusovszki DLA, Balázs Rose
    Fellow architect: Péter Budai
    Structure: Tamás Ther PhD
    HVAC: Tamás Oltvai – Oltvai Gépész Stúdió
    Electrical engineering: Márton Méhész – Va-iq Elektromos Tervező és Mérnökszolgáltató
    Frameworks: Géza Kapovits
    Cost estimation: László Kollár
    Main contractor: Gembau Kft.
    Carpenter works: Károly Bargel