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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Trianon 100

    Memorial to the Mutual Belongingness of the Historic Regions of Hungary, Budapest

    Architects: Balázs Zimay, Dániel Déry, Artúr Palotás
    Landscape: Sándor Mohácsy
    Text: Ádám Farkas
    Photos: Tamás Wachsler

    August 20th, 2020 will be the inauguration day of a new memorial in Alkotmány Street opening to Kossuth Square in Budapest. Maybe in time there won’t be any more unresolved and unburied historic events that had sealed the fate of the nation in a tragic and radical way, and maybe it is just now that we are facing the last trauma, the last strike of national destiny, that of the Trianon Treaty, which took place a century ago. We may be able to find the key concept as well to defend ourselves against the pain, the soring lack of the historic regions of the country that paralyzes us, and are able to bury it at last. This concept is also a call-word: mutual belongingness. Now it appears with the wide contents behind it, as a symbol contained in granite, in the first 100-metre section of the street opening to Kossuth Square. This symbolic work of art is not the result of sculpturesque formation and language: the message is conveyed by the architect’s way of thinking, space formation, organizing principles and imagination.

    General design: UVATERV Zrt., Válay Zsolt project manager
    Architecture: ZED Építész Stúdió Kft.
    Architects: Balázs Zimay, Dániel Déri, Artúr Palotás
    Fellow architects: Márton Kaszai, Borbála Horváth, Alpár Gál-Tóth, Petra Sebestyén
    Landscape, garden: Sándor Mohácsi – s73 Tervező Iroda Kft.
    Structure: Csaba Szaló – UVATERV Zrt.
    HVAC: Gábor Eberhardt, Zoltán Fok – UVATERV Zrt.
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Kelemen – Kelevill Kft.
    Roads: Balázs Ecsényi, Kinga Márta Tóth – FŐMTERV Zrt.
    Fire protection: György Decsi, Melinda Írisz Győri – Fireeng Kft.