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    Budapest ONE Multi-Storey Car Park, Őrmező

    Architect: Ágnes Streit
    Text: Zoltán Dragon
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The newest parking garage of Budapest, built in Őrmező, next to the M1-M7 motorways, provides parking lots for tenants of the Budapest ONE office building and for people who arrive in the city. Its unique, unconventional facade design distinguishes it from its peers. The 10,000 square metre, four-storey car park, with a capacity for nearly 300 cars and 34 motorcycles, has two distinctive facades: the exposed raw concrete surfaces, which reinforce its industrial character, and the white octagonal façade, which is reminiscent of a beehive. The basic character of the structure is purist and contrasting, with anthracite concrete surfaces behind the white grid façade and infographics evoking the honeycomb façade. What the client had in mind was extensibility and a design that could be reproduced in other cities. Because of the extensibility, the architects designed the façade structure to be continuable and repeatable. The Budapest ONE car park is a symbol of an era, an imprint of an urban environment which is malleable, still evolving and evolving. It is now a transport terminus, an intermodal hub, such a part of the urban fabric where office and leisure functions have emerged. The latter will be reinforced by the conversion of the former station building into a museum.

    General planning: S.A.M.O. Architects
    Leading architect: Ágnes Streit
    Manager: Győző Kókány
    Project architect: Balázs Rózsavölgyi
    Fellow architects: Zoltán Bán, Anikó Szűcs
    Structure: Szabolcs Jelfi, Lili Tóth– Kovács and Kovács Studi
    HVAC: Attila Lucz, Medárd Szilágyi – HVaRC Engineering
    Electrical engineering: Péter Major – Loxvill Ltd.
    Fire protection: Lajos Gábor Takács Dr. – Takács-TETRA Ltd.
    Traffic: Balázs Balogh
    Landscape: Krisztina Müller – NAPkert-bioFÉNY
    Public utilities: Gábor Hanczár – KÉSZ Ltd.
    Framework: László Horváth – ESTRAD Architects