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  • Zen Garden in the Heart of an Office

    Kevíz 21 Office Block, Nyíregyháza

    Architect: Attila Gáva
    Text: Rita Tuczai
    Photos: Zsolt Hlinka

    The office block of KEVÍZ 21 Zrt. in Nyíregyháza has been in need of conversion once again after its extension finished 20 years ago. Architect Attila Gáva now agreed with the client to restructure the complex formerly functioning as a kindergarten instead of having yet another extension or loft. The exterior shows a simple contemporary office block made up of white and grey cubes that impresses us with its reliability, whilst from the interior we can see a spacious and light work space rich in elegant details to surround a Zen garden which has been converted from the former scheme based on the arched designs of the 1990s. Appearing as a closed mass when viewed from the outside, it actually contains an interior courtile moved into an exciting position. From the interior, the building is organised around a bright emptiness: with its glass expanses wrapping around two storeys it embraces a Japanese Zen garden featuring a slight inclination of a hill clad in lawn with a single bonsai tree on it. Inspiring us to contemplate, this space expands with a deck towards the upper level and with a green roof plane with a terraced terrain.

    General design: Gav-Art Studio Kft.
    Architect: Attila Gáva
    Fellow architect: Zsolt Brezina
    Interiors: Attila Gáva
    Structure: István Kácsor – Bemp Kft.
    HVAC: Tibor Roland Simon – Krepon Bt.
    Electrical engineering: Zsolt Nagy – Zsévill Kft.
    Public utilities: Károly Bíró – Bíró És Társa Kft.
    Weak current: Gábor Kiss
    Environment: Péter Márton – Fő-Kert-Ész Bt.
    Fire protection: Ferenc Rétközi
    Main contractor: Ke-Víz 21 Zrt.