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  • Zalaváry Aged 90

    Jászberényi fürdőépület, 1958, Magyar Építőművészet Fotóarchívuma

    Bath, Jászberény, 1958, Magyar Építőművészet Fotóarchívuma

    The stages of the long professional career of Lajos Zalaváry is marked by buildings that have turned out to be emblematic as a rule. The specialist architectural press, however, tends to praise the hygiene baths designed by him and built between 1960 and 1963 in Jászberény. It is not by accident: the building is still a striking one, even if in another sense than at the time of its construction. Forms borrowed from local vernacular architecture are matched with the most modern structural solutions of its time, and thus the building embodies the uniqie tendency of the Kádár era that meant a search for synthesis between humanity found in technical development and sensitivity to localities, especially to the buildings and settlement fabrics typical of the old villages preserving traditions of construction.