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  • A Region as Value

    Gáspár Nagy Cultural Centre, Vasvár

    Architect: István Németh
    Text: Miklós Sólyom
    Photos: Dániel Cser

    Nowadays it is a must for an architect working in the hope of success to consider regional values. Actually everyone is working „in the countryside” except for a few centres of international standards. These „centres” are fed by the spirituality of regions, which proves the importance and significance of regionalism. It is a mistaken approach when a region follows the trend set by the centre and thus the world becomes uniform and standardized in the architectural sense. Regionalism is a genuine value without being the same as provincialism. However, defining the scales and the geographical unit is a question of viewpoint and approach. Architect István Németh who died last year designed the institution now housing a theatre and an exhibition hall for Vasvár respecting the character of the location. Named after Gáspár Nagy, a poet born in Vas county awarded the Kossuth prize, this culture centre is a fine example of an architectural attitude which illustrates identification with local values whilst producing contemporary architectural value.

    Architects: István Németh
    Structural engineering: Józsefné Kutasi
    Electrical engineering: György Csermely
    Plumbing &hvac: Istvánné Molnár
    Roads, public utilities: János Takáts
    Ground mechanics: Ferenc Mészáros