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  • The Architecture of Common Sense

    Similarities between Vernacular Architecture and Architectural Practice

    Text: Mihály Balázs

    I gave my lecture of habilitation the title The Architecture of Common Sense. I have chosen it because it refers to architecture living in alternative versions undergoing continuous changes as well as to contemporary architecture systematically building itself from the knowledge and expertise of several millennia. One of them is as flexible as human speech, whereas the other is fixed and sophisticated, just like writing. However, both of them eloquently talk about the way of thinking I call architecture and which is one and the same thing in this sense.
    Architecture in my interpretation is a broad concept. When talking of architecture, it conjures up images of houses, spaces, towns, villages, gardens and nature before my eyes. Thus it means a variety of traces of culture for me. Behind all such visible manifestations there is always mankind with its wishes and opportunities. Architecture is the „trademark” of human existence.
    The architecture of common sense only relies upon and makes use of solutions understood and also experienced intellectually and emotionally. Thus it is not an issue of authorship, but that of subjectivity, personal understanding and acceptance which is in the focus of attention.