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  • The Adventure of the Film Palace in Kaposvár

    Rainbow Cultural Centre, Kaposvár

    Architects: Krisztina L. Balogh
    Text: GáborKerner
    Photos: Ferenc Lőrincz

    Fotó: Ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc

    By the time Lamping József started to design the film palace in Kaposvár, he had obviously had studied bountiful of European and Hungarian examples. Thanks to this as well as his talents, he created one of the most representative public buildings in the country in a mature Art Deco style. This house mastered everything, both inside and outside, whatever such a kind of building had to at the time being. In the post-war decades, however, the movie theatre in Kaposvár also met its destiny. It was still bearing the name Red Star and presented films but the world of cinema was replaced by that of video cassettes piling up to screen televisions, and the institute was to house concerts after being renamed as Rainbow Music House. When these programmes and events thoroughly ran down the building, it was rated as an historical monument. Thanks to the latter, it was taken into professional hands starting to treat and cure it and thus it received once again a new name: Rainbow Culture Palace.

    Architecture: Arker Stúdió Kft.
    Leading architect: Krisztina L. Balogh
    Fellow architect: Nikoletta Csullag
    Structure: Csaba Stadler, Csaba Harsányi
    Acoustics: András Kotschy
    Stage technology: Lőrinc Strack
    Electrical engineering: Miklós Bekefi
    HVAC: Ferenc Parti
    Decorative art: Judit Gimesi
    Client: Kaposvár Önkormányzata