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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • The Strength of Stone

    Remodelling of a Residential Building, Tihany

    Architect: László Mikó
    Text: Gábor Kerner
    Photos: János Szentiváni


    Built in the 1930s, the main structure with a saddle roof as well as its exterior is defined by masonry built from quarry stone originating from Tihany. Viewed from the street, the plinth of the fence and its pillars are of local stone, made complete with a timber fence and gate sections. The appearance of the complex did not meet the requirements of the protected natural reserve of the Tihany region, or the site with unique faculties. Meanwhile, the surgery it housed ceased to exist, and as the flat changed its owner too, the new one had different needs than the previous one. Architect László Mikó had all the existing structures demolished except for the western facade, and adjusting to the developed area he had the new building built. He positioned the modern contemporary residential functions along the axis which links the street with the house and Lake Balaton. He had the auxiliary building pulled down and then made it usable. Essentially, he had preserved only one material here, which is the locally found stone of Tihany.

    Leading architect: László Mikó
    Fellow architect: Gabriella Pukánszky
    Structure: László Pataki
    HVAC: Tamás Hrustinszky
    Electrical engineering: István Csányi
    Garden design: Sarolta Torma