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  • The Harmony of Contrast

    The Rector Office, University of Pécs

    Architect: ifj. István Kistelegdi
    Text: Ákos Hutter
    Photos: Antal Szentendrei

    Fotó: Szentendrei Antal

    Bearing stylistic features of Romanticism and the Neo-Romanesque style, St Maur’s college was built after designs by Gáspár Fábián and Andor Pilch in 1929 and was used by the University of Pécs in this function till 2008, when its reconstruction and extension was begun. From September, 2010 it has housed the administrative centre and the rector office of the university. Reconstruction was realized by respecting the original architectural components and details to the full: the facade overlooking the square was preserved in its original design. What we can witness here is an exciting meeting of contemporary architecture and historic authenticity. According to the scenario defined by the designer’s intention the effect reaches its climax when one enters the main function space, which is the senate’s conference room. Here, the less ornate southern facade opening into the garden has been freed from its frills added to it over times and has been enriched with a characteristic new component. This is the pedestalled volume of the senate’s conference room. And this is where contemporary architectural interpretation meets historical architecture bearing Romantic features to create an exciting integral entity provided with new meaningful contents in harmony with its new function.

    Architect: Dr. István Kistelegdi DLA Jr.
    Fellow architects: Magdolna Horváth, Judit Széll
    Structure: Dezső Benedek
    HVAC: Mihály Baumann, László Lenkovics
    Electrical engineering: Béla Hegyi
    Final construction drawings: Mátyás Tutervai – Tutiterv
    Main contractor: STRABAG MM Kft.