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  • The Village Discovered

    Dance Barn, Őriszentpéter

    Architect: Gábor U. Nagy
    Text: György Szegő
    Photo: Zoltán Kiss, Krisztina Laki

    Since 2005 the tendency characteristic of the EU has also accelerated in Hungary: the inhabitants of minor settlements tend to give up on farming and move into towns and cities. However, many of the young urban people move on too from their home towns as there is not enough work. Simultaneously with this, provincial life is being more and more appreciated and thus leading artists go to see far-away and hidden villages: they „go home” to be closer to nature. We would like to present the Dance Barn built by Gábor U. Nagy in Őriszentpéter in an unusual way compared with other articles published in MÉ: without a text, accompanied only by a photo-essay by the author. The architect has been living in Őrvidék for a long time now more or less non-stop. Not „planning”, but with the design also constructing.