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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • The Hall of Technical Ingenuity

    Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre, Győr

    architects: Görbicz Máté, Kund Iván Patrik, Nagy Iván, Szabó Dávid
    text: Bán András
    photos: Bujnovszky Tamás

    Mobilis launched its activities on the campus of the Győr-based István Széchenyi University in the spring of 2012. The city of Győr spent 1,7 billions received from the Agóra-Pólus tendering on the investment and the construction of the interactive exhibition. The designs included a scientific playhouse with the topic of car-vehicle-transport which is as attractive for education as for tourism. The three-storey building includes an exhibition space of 1,200 square metres and an extra 1,500 square metres for services. Approached from the direction of the university the Mobilis floats above a pit as the exhibition floor on pillars reaches far beyond the solid core of its lower level. The structure is a paradoxical design with forms ranging from light to weighty ones, able to give an idea of the technical ingenuity to overcome the natural experiences as well as paying tribute to the classical Modernist tradition, primarily Le Corbusier, instead of the technical building-iconography.

    architects: Máté Görbicz, Patrik Iván Kund, Iván Nagy, Dávid Szabó
    general design: Építész Stúdió Kft.
    structures: Gábor Becker, Ferenc Kuntner – Adeco Kft.
    framework: András Nagy, Balázs Marót– BEND-STAT Kft.
    technical installations:  Zoárd Mangel, Attila Kerék– Mangel Épületgépész Iroda
    electrical engineering:  Zoltán Ivanics,  Ottó Nyári – Provill Kft.
    traffic, outdoor public utilities: ifj. Tamás Kovács, Gyula Tóth – Viadukt Kft.
    environment: Sarolta Torma – LAND-A Kft.
    environment rehabilitation:  Anna Kormányos
    main contractor: WHB Kft.