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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • The Valley of the Sun

    The Reconstruction of Kopácsy Mill in Veszprém

    Architects: Zsolt György Kovács, Beránková Jana, Dávid Kovács, Gábor Gaschler
    Text: János Géczi
    Photos: Dávid Kovács


    The fact that Veszprém featured Mediterranean characteristics which are well worth attention and tuning to has recently been discovered by architects. Winding in an S shape along Séd stream heading for the canyon-like valley in the northern part of the city, the complex was built opposite the Bishop’s summer resort at the widening area referred to by locals as Pajtakert (Barn Garden). Its predominant feature is its ambition to adjust to this southern style. Referring to a sweeping trend of Portuguese architecture, especially works by Álvaro Siza who relied upon projections cast by sunshine, preparations were made to receive and host a catering complex here. Members of the team, György Kovács, Jana Beránková, Gábor Gaschler and Dávid Kovács used the old complex of Kopácsy-Friedler Mill to recreate it as a new one in line with its newly adapted function. This free-standing volume separated from the others has been pushed into a garden rather small compared to the dimensions of the house but still appears spacious as a result of the spectacle and also functions as a reference to the heritage of the site offered by this pleasant environment: probably the most perfect panoramic view opens up from here of the entire Veszprém valley. Thus this location has been a tiny plot frequented by pedestrians and lovers of open-air restaurants offering them a site to admire views of the castle. Built on the foundations of the old structure to house the apartments, the two new volumes appear as powerful ones owing to their structures above all. Bearing marks of later projects built over the former mill throughout the centuries, surfaces and windows of various dimensions as well as irregular roof planes have almost disappeared by now, and have been replaced by white wall expanses, windbreakers, lamella grilles, glass panes, interiors and exteriors of exciting variety in size to produce the same kind of pleasant Mediterranean overall effect made complete with patches of lights and shades cast on them. Spare means or their complete lack suit the traditions of Veszprém, and details are all integral parts of well-built forms matched with high-quality and massive materials as well as reserved formation.

    Architecture: Veszprémi Építész Műhely Bt.
    Architects: Zsolt György Kovács , Beránková Jana, Dávid Kovács, Gábor Gaschler
    Interior design: Zsolt György Kovács, Beránková Jana, Dávid Kovács
    Fellow architect: Ágoston Barkács
    Art historian: Viktor Rozmann
    Structure: Imre Szabó
    Insulation: Oszkár Zádor
    HVAC: Béla Cseresznyés, Balázs Sasvári
    Electrical engineering: Sándor Csóka
    Client: Új Pajtakert Kft.