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  • The Synthesis of Dignity

    The Remodelling and Extension of the Clinic, Pécs

    Architects: Csikós Zoltán, Peity Attila
    Text: dr. Kiss Zsolt István
    Photos: Csikós Zoltán


    Suited to accommodate 400 patients, the clinic was a characteristic building of the University of Medicine in Pécs. Designed by Lajos Gádoros, it was opened in 1966 which was enriched with a significant extension and transformation in 2014. This complex comprehensive development was finished in 2015. The primary goal of its designers, Zoltán Csikós and Attila Peity was to preserve the original spatial structure and configuration of the 170 m long structure without further accentuating its emphasis. The western and eastern wings of the clinic remained suitable to contain the patients’ rooms, the balcony wrapping
    around the facade enhances the appearance of the huge expanse of the exterior. The northern wing houses a total of eight operating theatres and the intensive care units beneath them. The Nuclear Medicine Institute is now in front of the southern side of Wing A, whilst Radiology is in front of Wing B, both of which are connected with the existing building mass via the patients waiting lounge with glazed skylights. The clear system of the building reflects the functional model of medicine, providing a worthy framework for human dignity, comfort for the users, whilst from the viewpoints of urban architecture, it is a genuine environmental synthesis.

    Leading architects: Zoltán Csikós, Attila Peity
    Architect of the original building: Lajos Gádoros, 1966
    Fellow architects: Attila Balogh, Viktor Bodnár, Judit Jesch, Balázs Orlovits, Tamás Németh, László Gellár, Judit Jauch, Róbert Koch, László Szabó
    Structure: Dr. László Kakasy, Gergely Dobszay
    Medical technology: János Kerese – PROCONT Kft.
    Medical gas: Tamás Adorján
    Interiors: Béla Tildi – DT Stúdió Kft.
    Framework: András Nagy, Balázs Marót – BEND-STAT Kft.
    HVAC: István Németh, János Virág, Endre Csiszár – CLIMASTER Kft.;
    Gyula Tóth, István Németh, Péter Tóth – NOTA-BENE Kft.; Urszula Jeszták – U-PROJECT Bt.

    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Ivanics, Attila Nagy, Balázs Mészáros – PROVILL Kft.
    Environment: László Andaházy, Katalin Turcsányi, Szilvia Botka – PANDA PONT Kft.
    Roads: Ferenc Egyházi – PRO VIA ’91 Kft.
    Outdoor public utilities: Ernő Dittrich – HIDRO CONSULTING Kft.
    Acoustics: András Kotschy – KOTSCHY Bt.
    Elevators: Gábor Balog, Balázs Kabai – SCHINDLER HUNGÁRIA Kft.
    Main contractor: STRABAG Zrt.
    Client: Pécsi Tudományegyetem