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  • Perfectionism

    M6 Autópálya Engineering Premises, Tengelic

    Architect: László Szekér
    Text: Attila Ertsey
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The premises in Tengelic are not more than a fine masterwork, but its significance is far greater than that. By realizing a passive office building now exposed to the public out of disguise new vistas are opened up for new buildings the architectural appearance of which must present in an emphasized and attractive way that houses with an ecological approach and passive ones do not necessarily have to be reduced to simple boxes but maya s well open new perspectives for creativity. Designer-centred architecture is replaced by the perfectionist ambition to create entirety and besides attractive architectural solutions the performance of the building may become yet another objective standard and measure of value.

    Architect: László Szekér
    Structure: Ferenc Pap
    Plumbing & hvac: Zsolt Detre
    Electrical engineering: Norbert Ulrich