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  • Agglomeration: How to Carry on?

    The Strategies to Develop Budaörs

    Text: Márton Garay
    Photos: József Hajdú

    How can a conurbation have other functions than just being a commuter town to serve a city and create an urban image of its own? How can it benefit from its positional potentials so that its positive impact would remain powerful and felt even in several generations’ time? How could it improve the standards of urban living and the qualities associated with it without losing its humane atmosphere as if it was simply a small provincial town? As an influential part of the conurbation of Budapest, Budaörs is in search of solutions to similar issues. Its advantageous geographical situation fekvés and the ambitious attitude of its local authority has provided numerous opportunities for the town in the past 15-20 years. It was among the first towns influenced by the outflow of the population of Budapest and the drain of capital, has proven to be a very favourable location for Western investors. The main direction of development was defined by the improvement of the quality of urban life and the intensification of economy. The actual tasks involve the development of institutions, the excavation of the historical town, the consolidation of identity, the boosting of tourism as well as the improvement of transportation and infrastructure.